Web design

Global marketplace, world-wide information exchange, virtual department store. We develop and program everything you need to get on the World-Wide-Web. Meaningful and functional user interfaces together with clear and structured information.

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Burg Neuhaus
VielHarmonie Berlin
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Marine Tech Art
Consulting CGI
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Media design portfolio:

Whether explaining a technically complex process, use in an interactive application or an impressive advertising campaign we are your production and consulting partner
Powerpoint Presentations
We help you to present complex processes and ideas by good organisation and visualisation.
Print media
Classical media: HIM offers meaningful total solutions.
Logo/Signage/CI design
We give a unique and unmistakable face to your enterprise or product.
Web design
We develop and program everything you need to get on the World-Wide-Web.
Point of information (POI)
Interactive applications which inform and fascinate; multimedia makes it all possible.
CD/DVD production
CD/DVD: We produce multimedia applications using images, text, video and audio and compile your individual CD or DVD.
Advertising material/Give-aways
We arrange advertising signage and flags, gifts and other media specially tailored for your displays, conferences and exhibitions.