3D/CGI services

Whether explaining a technically complex process, use in an interactive application or an impressive advertising campaign, the use of computer-generated images and animations now play an important part in the research, entertainment and advertising industries.

From schematic representation to photo-realistic renderings the marketing possibilities are endless.

By accessing databases (e.g. the KVS database in Volkswagen AG) we have the possibility of producing three-dimensional models which accurately reflect the real thing.

We support you not only with the visualisation process, but create synergies which help to reduce costs.

The generation of a single 3D model for one project can then be used extensively for other applications. The employment of professional software programs such as LivingSolids, Catia V5, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc., allows the project to be completed quickly and efficiently.

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Bruce Harwood
(speaks English and German)
fon: +49 (0) 5363 / 812192-0 | bruce.harwood(at)him.wolfsburg.de
3D portfolio:

Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden
HIM produced an application utilising 3D interactive animation which familiarises the user with the interior of the building and its technical areas and exhibitions.
VW Driver Assistance System
3D animations for the Volkswagen website covering automatic distance control, dynamic cornering lights and assistants for parking, active and passive overtaking and blindspot.
VW EcoRacer
HIM produced the 3D model of the Gasometer in Oberhausen, thereby creating an atmospheric and impressive environment for the EcoRacer web special from Volkswagen.
VW Passat 4Motion
Modelling and animation by HIM: The Passat with 4Motion-drive
VW Race Touareg 2
At the time of the Paris-Dakar rally, HIM produced the 3D model of the Race Touareg 2.
VW Touran
VW Passat Estate
VW Passat Estate From drive-chain to airbag: HIM shows the Passat Estate
VW Jetta
Technical visualisation or photo-realistic rendering: The Jetta
VW Passat B6
Modelling, animation und photo-realistic 3D rendering by HIM
VW Touareg
VW Phaeton
Bugatti Veyron
The 1001 horsepower car modelled and rendered by HIM
Technical visualisation
From drive-train to seats: Technically accurate 3D visualisation.